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about us

We are JHD Architecture who are looking to bring design and innovation in each and every space we see. We want to make sure that we have given you access to some of the best design to live an easy life.

Our focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Interior design

We have some of the best experts who will bring the right changes which can improve the overall look of the house.

Transport & Infrastructure

We will make sure that you have access to all of the equipment without having to put a lot of effort.

Mixed Use

We have some of the best ideas which will make a dream of living in ease a reality in your hectic lifestyle.

Design Management

We want to make sure that the design we built-in are some of the best which fulfil each and every need of your home.

Our team

Improving the quality of life in a city for all
Mandy W. McCranie

Structural Engineering

Victor M. Shake

Workplace Consultancy

Joshua M. Roberts

Industrial Design


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Re-purpose Things

Celebrity Style


Glass Building

This is one of the most sought after design for the corporate world, and we will make sure that everything is done right.


Customized Bedrooms

We with the help of our experts, will make sure that you get the dream bedroom you are looking for, which will make everything worth it.


Sightseeing Views

Another added factor to a house is the sightseeing view which is the best when looking out the window for a better day.

Our Blog

Concurrent Engineering Advantages

You may or may not have heard about concurrent engineering before. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is also known as simultaneous engineering. This name speaks for itself, indicating that this type of engineering involves designing and creating …
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Types of Architects and What They Do

Types of Architects and What They Do

Architecture is a field which has a lot of wide assortment of alternatives which can help one grow in a certain area. Architects need to have the right configuration, create, introduce, regulate the room temperature, which can help one ensure …
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Easter Egg Shaped Buildings

Easter Egg Shaped Buildings

As Easter is approaching us, you can easily learn things which can allow you to celebrate the most durable and effective ways to build an egg-shaped design. One can take advantage of the temporary egg, which can allow one to …
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Most Iconic Buildings of Modern Architecture

Most Iconic Buildings of Modern Architecture

There has been a lot of architects who could see the world in a different which gave them a unique vision to create something beautiful. It is their vision which has allowed people to understand the limits which have gone …
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Things to discover about contemporary architecture

Things to discover about contemporary architecture

Contemporary architecture is based on the by the shared by all of the places who desired with the design and building from different from what was done in the past. Contemporary architecture aims at breaking away from the processes which …
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